For the enthusiastic metaphysical learner, we’ve got some great classes to get you started from true beginner through advanced practitioner.

Intuition Development for Christians

Intuition? As a Christian? Yes, Yes, and more Yes! It is possible, and in fact, it’s even necessary for you as you begin to grow spiritually. Without having a solid foundation to trust your own heart, it’s challenging to trust that you can discover and develop your other gifts. In this short course, you’ll discover how to trust your intuition so that it is SOLID. Katy will show you how Scripture supports your intuitive growth, and you’ll see amazing changes in your life once you flip the switch “on” for your intuition.

Pricing: $77

Connect to Awaken

This program is a safe way to engage in metaphysics as a Christian! In Connect to Awaken, you will connect to your intuition and raise your vibration so that you can be confident in your Christian journey. Discover the joy of energy, chakras, and your spirit team so that you can live joyfully and at peace all the time.

Plus, I know how important Scripture is to you! You’ll receive Bible Studies in each module AND personalized meditations to guide you prayerfully on your way.

Pricing: $397

Awakening and Transformation

This is THE signature program for Christians who are enthusiastically serious about metaphysics as part of their faith journey. Over 12 weeks, you will discover your metaphysical gifts plus integrate a deep sense of metaphysical purpose into your spiritual life. By the end of the program, you will effortlessly connect metaphysics to your Christian journey and emerge as a new creation (Isaiah 43:19).

This program includes personalized mentorship with Rev. Dr. Katy and support from the fabulous Coach Keshia to help you process everything you’re learning in the 12 modules. Plus, we have community time with a private Facebook group and weekly group coaching calls with all of the current participants.

Because this program has personal mentorship, we require a high vibration strategy call! On the call, you will speak with Rev. Dr. Katy or someone on her team and we will help you identify your top priorities in your spiritual life and determine together if Awakening or Transformation is a great fit for you at this point in your spiritual journey.

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