Welcome to Soul Forge Coaching. This is your sanctuary

for Christo-expansive spirituality.

At Soul Forge Coaching, I am more than just a coach; I am a spiritual strategist and guide for your transformative journey. 

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs and leaders to harness the power of their spirituality, elevate their impact, and discover your spiritual allies 
to increase your ripple effect in the world.
My unique approach blends ancient wisdom with modern strategy, helping you forge a deeper connection with your purpose and align it with 
your professional ambitions. Soul Forge coaching uses shamanic practices, intuition, and evidential practices to unlock your inner potential.

Why Soul Forge?

The soul is the eternal essence of our being, the divine spark within each of us that yearns for growth, purpose, and connection. It is the wellspring of our deepest desires, the compass that guides us on our unique life journey. 

My mission is to help you nurture and understand your soul’s wisdom, allowing it to illuminate your path.
The concept of ‘Forge’ embodies transformation and refinement. Just as a blacksmith forges raw metal into a masterpiece through heat, pressure, and skill, we believe that life’s challenges and experiences can refine and shape your soul. My coaching serves as the crucible where your aspirations, faith, 
and potential combine into a powerful force for positive change.
Guided first and foremost by the Christ Presence, Soul Forge is also accompanied by two goddesses of the forge, Brigid and Aphrodite! Get ready to meet 
your own soul guides as you experience healing and deeper impact in your work.
Soul Forge Coaching is your sacred space for self-discovery, growth, and spiritual expansion. Together, we’ll forge a life that not only aligns with your deepest values but also leaves a lasting legacy of love and impact.

Book Your Free Call

I’d love to invite you to a free spiritual strategy call. This is a 30 minute session to dive into your spiritual journey and create a strategy for your next steps. 
Katy E. Valentine is a visionary spiritual strategist who guides individuals towards their highest spiritual potential.
With an unwavering commitment to helping entrepreneurs and leaders deepen their impact through their spirituality, Katy founded Soul Forge Coaching. Her mission is clear: to empower individuals to embrace their spiritual essence, unlocking a path of profound purpose and impact.
Katy has a PhD in the New Testament (so she can answer all your questions about the ancient world) as well as extensive ministerial training. She believes there is no one way to be spiritual, and enjoys facilitating space for people to become Christo expansive. If you are someone who is ready to tap into the unseen spiritual world, you’re in the right hands. She believes that we can all become ‘Christo-expansive,’ transcending limitations and expanding our hearts and minds to create lasting change in the world.
With Katy’s guidance, clients embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering their life’s purpose, healing their souls, and aligning their professional endeavors with their deepest spiritual values. Her unique approach, rooted in ancient wisdom and modern strategy, allows individuals to rise above challenges and forge a path of authentic, soulful success.

Your Divine Expansion Awaits!