Meditation for Busy Christians Testimonial!

Meditation yields BEAUTIFUL results for Christians who dedicate just a *little* time and intention to it.  Even if you’ve *never* meditated before, this is a great incentive to get you started. It really only takes a few minutes a day to establish the BENEFITS of meditation, which are many! Meditation helps physical health as well as emotional health, AND it kicks starts your spirituality in profound ways.

If you are wondering how to start a meditation practice (or reboot one that has gotten dusty), then consider joining our 21 day meditation course over at The Metaphysical Christian Academy at   We offer occasional “live” events or you can go solo. You’ll get tons of support with daily videos that encourage you to do meditation in short bursts (you do not need hours and hours and hours … just 2 minutes a day makes a great meditation journey!).

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Do you WANT to meditate but you think you might need hours and hours of free time each day to do it? Nothing could be further from the truth! Watch Heidi and Betty tell about their experience in the 21 Day Meditation for Busy Christians program and how short bursts of meditation made a HUGE difference in their daily lives.

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PS….another LIVE version is beginning Jan. 1 — if you begin now, you’ll be just in time to share with others on your journey!

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