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Awaken Yourself

Your journey to a metaphysical awakening begins here!

I believe that you have arrived at this site for a reason — because you’re being invited by the Spirit to experience a deeper sense of the spiritual world. Most people who end up here are highly intuitive and empathic but have no idea what to do with these gifts. Plus, you may have some serious questions about how to be metaphysical while still following Jesus.

Your journey to awakening begins here.

In fact…we’re here to help people on all stages of their awakening and transformation journey…

Our Levels

No matter where you are on your metaphysical journey, you’ve got a place to support you on your journey! Whether you are at the very beginning stages and wondering what to do first, or whether you are advanced and longing to share what you know with others, we’ve got you covered.

Let me demystify the process just a little bit. I’ve divided up the process into a few stages: Newbie, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The NEWBIE stage is all about getting solid with your Intuition. It is the #1 building block for you to advance your spiritual journey.

The BEGINNER stage lets you build on your intuition and get the basics down with some head and heart practices that combine your knowledge and supercharge your everyday life. You get to know the basics of energy, chakras, and your spirit team.

The INTERMEDIATE stage is all about getting experience and doing the deep spiritual dive! Warning: this is best for people who are ready to experience unlimited joy and get answers to their deep seated questions, plus live their life purpose. At this stage, you discover the unique spiritual blueprint of your own soul and discover and hone your own metaphysical gifts.

The ADVANCED stage is where you fine tune your own gifts and share them with others, whether casually in your day to day life or in a professional capacity. This is for those who are ready to meditate and get clarity from their own inner wisdom as Jesus followers.

I’ve made it SUPER EASY for you to figure it out where you are in the process with this QUIZ.

Our Programs

Scripture and Intuition for Christians


Scripture and Intuition for Christians class for $19.

It all begins here!

Though you may have been told that your heart is deceitful and that intuition is wrong, nothing could be further from the truth!

This stand alone video will show you how Scripture affirms intuition and can guide you on your true path.



Intuition Class for $77.

Your intuition is where it all begins!

Intuition is absolutely foundational to discovering your metaphysical path.

This course shows you how to trust your intuition with practical exercises for developing it so that you can live day to day with ease and grace as a Jesus follower.

Connect to

Beginner Plus

Connect to Awaken Class for $397 

Connect to Awaken is a 4-week automated, lifetime access course that connect Christians to energy and metaphysics. It will help you eliminate the fear factor and metaphysical jitters, giving you a clear guide from intuition through getting to know your spirit team. Fair warning, freedom and joy are part of this experience!

Awakening and Transformation


The Awakening and Transformation is a 3 month mentorship to get a comprehensive understanding of metaphysics and go on a soul journey.

In the program, you discover your own soul journey with tons of information and meditations, getting familiarity with 8 modalities, and finding your own sense of purpose.

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