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Magical Mystical Journeys

This is podcast co-hosted with Katy Valentine, Andrea St. Amand and Amy Renee. This is for those of you who are WANT to connect — even if you have a few doubts and trepidations — with the angelic and heavenly realm.

Ever hang out with an Angel? Felt the presence – or dreamed – of a mystical Being so powerful that your slumbering soul jolted upright? Have you craved such an experience? Or do you wonder if these Beings even exist? Join Amy Renee, Andrea and Katy as we explore the angelic realm, ascended masters, and a variety of saintly icons, while sharing our own doubts and learning curves along the way. Each episode features a Being as the Special Guest, to whom you may – or may not – feel drawn. We discuss relevant scholarly text, address the aspects of our Guest that may be off-putting, offer channeled messages of guidance and conclude with a meditation Amy Renee is a shamanic practitioner; Andrea is an evidential psychic medium; Katy is a Christian minister and metaphysical intuitive. The beautiful universe brought us together to offer YOU these incredible journeys. Buckle up and come along for this ride magical ride with us!

Heretic Happy Hour

This is a podcast co-hosted with Katy Valentine, Matthew Distefano, Keith Giles, and Derrick Day. This is for those of you who are having some serious questions about your Christian journey — a process we call DECONSTRUCTION — and want to figure out what in the world is next when the faith rug feels pulled out from underneath you!

Warning, it is a little salty.

Heretic Happy Hour is an unapologetically irreverent, crass, and sometimes profound conversation about the Christian faith. Hosts Keith Giles, Katy Valentine, Derrick Day, and Matthew Distefano pull no punches and leave no stones unturned. For some serious sacred cow-tipping, there’s nothing better than spending an hour of your time with us.

Guest Interviews

Triggers and challenges are opportunities to process past trauma and up-level our mode of being. Triggers and challenges are not comfortable, but they come to us at the exact right time when we are ready to move forward.

We are all experiencing a collective ‘trigger’ right now with news of the pandemic causing lots of distress for us collectively. This is all happening at the exact right time. In this episode of The Love Cast, Dr. Katy Valentine returns to the podcast to join me for an important conversation about our current events surrounding the virus and how we can respond in a way that brings peace and healing to ourselves and the wider world. Give this episode a careful listen.

Have we been here before? Is this life just a re-run of your previous one? Does it matter? Listen as we debate our past lives and welcome Dr. Katy Valentine as our Heretic of the Week!

Is it possible for Christianity and Metaphysics to co-exist together? Do the teachings of Jesus and Eastern traditions have anything in common? What place does energy healing and clearing Chakras have within the Christian tradition? What about reincarnation?

Is there any evidence of this belief within early Christianity and within the Bible? In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal has a fascinating conversation with New Testament scholar and Metaphysics practitioner Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine about what Metaphysics is, how it can aid in the healing process, and how metaphysics can co-exist within Christianity. You won’t want to miss this conversation.

In this episode, Amber and Jesse interview Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine and Rabbi Sara Abrams who show us that energetic and “alternative” practices can become mainstream for the seeker in mainstream Judaism and Christianity.
Coronavirus is everywhere. Its consuming the culture, the news, our minds and our spirit. I asked a few friends – Kaisi(Rev Valerie Love) Jon Scott, Noah Rasheta, Dr Katy Valentine, Scott Watkins and Marc Thomas Shaw to share insight, guidance both spiritual and emotional, and wisdom. This podcast is for you and I. The hope is we would find comfort in the words shared here. Be healthy, be safe, and be inspired.
Rev. Dr Katy Valentine empowers Jesus followers to claim their metaphysical gifts “one Chakra at a time” Katy and I discuss important Christian practices such as – meeting and talking with your Angel guides, balancing your chakras’s and other possibilities like Tarot Cards, pendulums and more… as part of the Christian way. Katy has her doctorates in New Testament Study, she is an ordained minister and a pastor! This is a great podcast to find out more about Katy- you can find her here

In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Kay Valentine as they discuss metaphysical Christianity. So many things come to mind when thinking about taboo subjects in Christianity such as Chakras, Tarot Cards, Astral Travel, Mediums, Spirits Guides, Ascended Masters Etc.

But little do most of us know that many of these things have their roots in the Bible and were practiced by the Biblical Prophets and Disciples of old and were actually somethings given to humanity from Yahweh. Katy Valentine teaches individuals about the metaphysical side of Christianity and reassures them that they don’t have to abandon their faith when embracing the depths of what God has created for us to experience in the spirit.

In this episode with Todd Vick, we talk about chakras, what it’s like to lose and gain your faith, and how tools like the chakras are gifts from God.
In this episode of The Desert Forecast, Karl and Katy talk about what it means to encounter the trauma in your life so that you can expand to the next level of your being. You absolutely did not deserve or welcome the trauma BUT it IS your job to transmute it so that you can be free. Experiential knowledge of metaphysics is one beautiful way to help you do this!

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