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Where oh where to get started? If you have felt lost at sea, never fear, we’ve got you covered here!

Check out our resources below that will give you a clear starting place to enjoy your metaphysical journey as a Jesus follower.

Metaphysical Christian Facebook Group

This FREE group on Facebook connects you like likeminded souls all asking smart metaphysical questions just like you.

Develop Your

Get this FREE guide on developing your intuition as a Christian, guilt and drama free.

Find Your Metaphysical Gifts

You ABSOLUTELY have metaphysical gifts. Download this free guide to start the process of discovering them.


Do you want to connect with an angel? Experience a guided meditation just for empaths? Click here for your list of FREE meditations and you can get started right away.


If you love short, impactful experiences, then this is the EXACT place you need to be. I’ve partnered with some pretty amazing people to offer you some short course options to get you some answers to your questions about topics from mediumship to yoga.


For the enthusiastic metaphysical learner, we’ve got some great classes to get you started from true beginner through advanced practitioner.

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