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Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine

I’m Katy, and I’m the founder of The Metaphysical Christian and Thresholds of the Soul. It’s my joyful calling to help shift the consciousness of the planet through Jesus’ own words and life! In my spare time, you might find me playing my harp or tackling the latest board game.

Keshia Daniels

Greetings! I’m Keshia and I am so grateful to be the Coach for The Metaphysical Christian, including the Awakening and Transformation Program and the Connect to Awaken Program. I truly enjoy being able to see the light in others and guide them on their spiritual journey. I find myself in my highest vibration when I’m learning something new in the spiritual realm or spending time with family. I look forward to working with you!

Adriana Gaal

I’m Adriana and I’m the tech virtual assistant. I focus on automation setup, email scheduling, and course creation. In my spare time, you might find me watching bizarre comedy shows or hiking on the weekends.

Alexis Fortier

I’m Alexis and I’m the Business and Virtual Office Manager at The Metaphysical Christian. I love to help change-makers make more change in the world through developing systems and simplifying the tech. Outside of work, you can find me roller skating or hiking somewhere in the beautiful state of Maine!

Rachel Cathey

I’m Rachel, and I’m a contributing writer for The Metaphysical Christian. I’m a visual learner and love writing based on the visuals revealed to me. Offering a unique view for people’s consideration on their journey. In my spare time, I love cooking for my friends, spending time with my family and spending time in nature!

Meg Calvin

I’m Meg, and I’m the enrollment coach for The Metaphysical Christian. It’s my joyful calling to serve as a concierge of sorts that aligns your needs with one of Katy’s awesome programs! In my spare time, you might find me playing guitar or building legos with my daughter and husband. I also help spiritually-attuned go-getters write, market and sell their books as a coach.

Her Journey

Katy began this beautiful journey towards metaphysics when she was a little girl having lots of intuitive experiences (though she didn’t know it at the time). 

She went to college and studied about religion and spirituality, and then even grad school where she studied even more about it. While studying for her PhD in Berkeley, California, she started meditating, clearing her chakras, and interpreting dreams — and the rest is history!

Now she loves showing others how they can embrace all of who they are without leaving Jesus behind. In fact, it is the words, life and teachings of Jesus that inspire Katy to live into her fullest calling to guide people to their ultimate freedom and peace.

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