A Word of Hope During an Epidemic

This was recorded on March 20, 2020, (hey look at that sequence of angel  numbers…powerful!!) at the gracious invitation of Craig Hostetler,  the creator of the Blacksheep Experience Podcast — to which you should  all subscribe immediately! He helps Christians who are deconstructing  their faith find new life and resonance — you can check out my previous  podcast with him here:  https://theblacksheepexperience.podbean.com/?s=Katy&x=0&y=0

Thanks Craig for the permission to cross post!

This is a word of hope during the current covonavirus / covid-19  epidemic that is clutching the world right now. Can there genuinely be  hope during this epidemic? Yes, and more yes …. if we are willing to  go on the inward journey.

You might also be interested in my spiritual resilience group that will  meet periodically for the foreseeable future to give you tools and tips  for developing spiritual resilience during this particular time in  history. I’d love to have you join us; you can sign up at  https://katyvalentine.kartra.com/page/NyI53

Blessings at a 6 feet safe distance to you!

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