Are you Living your Best Metaphysical Life?

There is a lot of confusion in the world. Have you found yourself wondering how to thrive in the midst of everything?🫠 (Written kindly by Rachel Cathey) You might worry about: It appears answers are so greater than ourselves, at times. But there are ways to shift this worry into something more. First, knowing you […]

Divine Writing with Meg Calvin

Have you ever called God “luscious”? I think it’s time we give it a try. 🥰 I’ve got a podcast episode to share. Meg Calvin shared some serious mic drop moments with me in an episode of Soul Savvy Business podcast.🎤🔥 One of these moments is early in the episode. I asked her how she […]

Message from Mother Mary: Harness Your Power

This was a message from Mother Mary that was shared earlier this week in the Mediumship Group Reading with Andrea St. Amand. Since this message came to me and was for the entire group, I’m sharing it with EVERYONE. Mother Mary is ready to share her love with all of us. You can receive a […]

Your Life Purpose is Not Your Job. It’s your LIFE.

I saw an interesting question come into The Metaphysical Christian recently. A beautiful soul asked the group what they did for work because they were feeling a little lost. Yeouch, we’ve ALL BEEN THERE. Some jobs are just soul sucking, awful places to be. A lot of answers that came in made it seems like […]

What is a Spell and Spellcraft, and can Christians cast Spells?”

What is a spell exactly? Find out more in this video, especially if it’s OK for Christians to engage in spellwork. Hint: spells may not be what you think they are. I know MANY Christians who engage in spells. Caution, if you choose to engage in spellwork, get educated first.

What is the Veil this time of year during Halloween?

Ghosts? Demons? Evil Spirits? Nah, that’s not what Halloween is really all about. Lots of Christians get SUPER fearful this time of year. Did you grow up hearing about a demon around every corner during Halloween? But, good news! There’s nothing to be scared of, but there’s plenty to be AWARE of. What’s actually happening […]

Joylyn Finds Joy AND Her Gifts

Joylyn began the Awakening and Transformation program with a uber evangelical background and her father newly living with her. She was needing something that was for HER — and included finding her metaphysical gifts. Joylyn found that she could embrace metaphysics AND Jesus seamlessly. I’m thrilled that she joined Awakening and Transformation and had the […]

Enter my Giveaway (Ends October 3)

Hey beautiful group! Yesterday I told you about the debut of the new podcast, Soul Savvy Business. I could not be more excited. Would you like to be part of a CONTEST with the podcast? Everyone who enters is going to be eligible to win some one of the following (you get to choose your […]