Can Mediumship and Christianity Go Together?

Have you ever been curious about mediumship …. but not known what to  do with this curiosity and with your faith journey?  The fear factor is  REALLY big for a lot of people around this topic. 

Why not get a little clarity on mediumship? It may not be exactly what  you think it is! Some people are naturally gifted to communicate with  spirits and they can discern the nature of those spirits. One of those  people is Andrea St. Amand!

Katy and Andrea are coming together for a dynamic 90 minute session  called “Metaphysics, Mediumship, and the Christian Journey”. It’s an  opportunity to ask all the questions you ever wanted to about how these  two components of the spiritual life come together. (Rest assured,  Andrea won’t make anyone receive messages! You’re welcome to linger and  watch if that’s what you desire!)

On Jan. 18 at 9 Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 5 p.m. GMT, we will hold our  session, “Metaphysics, Mediumship, and the Christian Journey”! The  investment to attend is only $11.11 and you can register here:

NOTE: if you can’t make it that date, you can still register and you’ll receive the access to the replay.

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