Christian and an Empath (a Gift that Doesn’t Feel like One)

Are you a Christian who is also an Empath?

Let me explain what an Empath is first.

An Empath is someone who can tap into the feelings of others and actually feel them to some degree. Still not sure? If you have a difficult time disengaging from someone else’s problems, then you may be an Empath. If you work tirelessly to fix someone else’s problems but little time on your own, then you may be an Empath. If you find it hard to know where someone else’s life and problems ends and yours begins, then you may be an Empath. And if you find that no matter how hard you try to help someone else, but nothing change in their life …. then you probably are an Empath!

Frankly, if you’re reading this, you it is highly, highly likely that you are an Empath!

Let me state this right away: being an Empath is a gift.  It’s a HUGE gift. It enables you to be empathetic and to offer valuable care to other people. Welcome this gift because not everyone has it! In fact, when you encounter people who are not Empaths, then you probably think, “Geez, don’t they even care?” (Hint: They probably do! They’re just not feeling what you’re feeling, so their empathy is a born out of care and concern but not out of real time experience).

Now that you know that you ARE an Empath, let’s break this down.

Christians are supposed to care for others and help out when they can. No arguments here! This is a beautiful Christian virtue. The problem, though, for Christians is that this can quickly become unhealthy. Exactly the reason that makes Empaths so special also makes being an Empath, especially a Christian Empath, challenging. You can connect deeply with someone else … but you can also take on their problems as your own, blurring the boundaries of where they end and where you begin.

This is a problem because it means that your own feelings and life might not move forward. Your spiritual journey becomes stagnant — because it is always focused on someone else, or maybe even many other people. This problem can become a gigantic loop of living some else’s life.

This is ESPECIALLY heartbreaking if engaging other people’s problems keeps you from living out your Christian calling — the special tasks and joys and ministries that God has in store for you and no one else.

In fact, Jesus is the model of a healthy Empath. Although the word “Empath” did not exist in ancient Palestine, we see in the Gospels over and over that Jesus connected deeply with people. He helped them articulate their pain and problems, and he offered them ways to break through their current status. Whether people became healed or rejected him (both happened), Jesus did not carry their problems into his next set of relationships — and he did not let them interfere with his ministry to do the work God called him to do. 

Are you ready to live your fullest life as a healthy, well-integrated Empath? Getting in touch with your Empathic gifts is a gateway to exploring your other metaphysical gifts as well. Perhaps it’s time for you to embrace this beautiful dimension of yourself?

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