Divine Writing with Meg Calvin

Have you ever called God “luscious”? I think it’s time we give it a try. 🥰

I’ve got a podcast episode to share. Meg Calvin shared some serious mic drop moments with me in an episode of Soul Savvy Business podcast.🎤🔥

One of these moments is early in the episode. I asked her how she describes the Divine. She responded with “feminine, beautifully dynamic, messy, nurturing, sexy, alluring ….”🙌🏼

And she doesn’t stop there. I think you’ll love this episode.😍

Meg is a writing coach. She’s also a graduate of my Awakening and Transformation program. 😎 She brings her clients a ton of metaphysical knowledge with logistical savvy.✨

👉🏼I hope you’ll give it a listen. You can listen right here on your browser:https://podcasts.bcast.fm/e/pnlw6zy8-divine-writing-meg-calvin

You can also listen anywhere that you listen to podcasts. Meg’s episode is “Divine Writing.”

Let me know what you think about the episode when you get a moment!💫

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