I’m pretty sure Jesus Backs the Divine Feminine

It’s here! Today is the final day to enroll in the Awaken to Your Divine Feminine mini- course at the sliding scale rate.

I’m super jazzed. It’s time for Jesus followers to BE the leaders in this area. The days when we are required to see God as all male, judgmental, and strict are fading. The emergence of healing and wholeness have arrived.

It’s also my JOY that Jesus consistently empowered women. He’s backing the Divine Feminine experience for all of us. In fact, a lot of Jesus’ teachings have a thread of the Divine Feminine in them. I’ll tell you more about that in the class!

Let me tell you a little bit about exactly what we’ll be doing together.

In each session, we’ll gather for 90 minutes. During that time, I’ll give you some high vibration content and 101 information, especially on the Bible. We’ll turn our attention to a specific figure to explore within the Christian tradition. You’ll have the opportunity for a guided visualization plus time to journal and ask questions. There will always be time for sharing as well.

A few more details:

Session 1: Meet Mother Mary 

Mary is well – known as the mother of Jesus. She is also a LIVING Being for us today. Whether you find nurture exquisitely easy or achingly difficult, Mother Mary will usher you into radical self-love. Though many people associate Mary as “only for Catholics”, Mary is alive for all who seek her. 

Session 2: Meet Christ Sophia 

The mysterious and secretive figure of WISDOM (Sophia) is an important part of our Christian heritage. But too often, she is hidden away and forgotten. Now, though, it is time for her to shine brightly. Wisdom is an essential part of Christ energy — the FEMININE part of Christ energy. If you seek her, wisdom will find a place to inspire you in your heart. 

Session 3: Meet Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is both revered and scorned in the world. Far from the stereotypes and misrepresentations, Mary Magdalene is an essential living Being today. Her beautiful energy challenges us and dares us to leave behind all of our “shoulds” in life. She helps us stretch our wings and gently helps us dream our dreams into reality. 

Right now there is a sliding scale tuition – but it ends at 11:55 p.m. Pacific tonight. You can choose either $27, $57, or $97, whatever fits your budget. No questions asked. After 11:55 p.m. Pacific time, the tuition goes up to $107. So go ahead and get signed up now to get the awesome tuition reduction.

Plus, 5% of our proceeds will go to a women’s empowerment organization that we collectively choose.

To get registered and on your way to more Divine Feminine in your journey, click here.

I’d love to welcome you in the Divine Feminine community to explore, experience, and integrate!

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