Interview with Matthew Distefano about the Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Faith

This is a dynamic discussion with Matthew Distefano, author of 5 books,  including From the Blood of Abel and Heretic! (Links below). Here we  don’t get too metaphysical; instead, we talk about what it looks like to  have your faith completely deconstructed and what it looks like on the  other side.  

I know that SO MANY of you who are metaphysical Christians are in this  process, and it can be super disorienting. There is light on the other  side, as you’ll hear from Matthew’s interview.   

Fair warning, we do talk a little about politics and social justice, and  I think you can all handle it. 

First and foremost, I KNOW you’ll want to snap up Matt’s latest book,  Heretic!

Find it here:  Plus, check out his blog and other amazing content here:

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