Is it OK to Have Depression and Be Metaphysical at the Same Time?

I woke up the other day and was a little sleepy due to some middle-of-the-night wakefulness. Later in the day, I was a little emotional to something that didn’t quite merit an emotional reaction *quite* that strong. I was also a tad forgetful around where I had placed a few items.

Have you been there? Everything feels a little off-kilter, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

 I was mulling over these things. Then I had one more experience. I was in a situation where fellow colleagues were sharing successes and wins, and I could not feel happy for them. At all. I was just getting more and more upset with every share.

Fortunately, I’d had this exact feeling before, years ago. So, then it hit me all at once – this feeling of not feeling happy for others combined with mild wakefulness and emotional reactions all equal symptoms of mild depression. 

When I recognized this for what it was, I felt relieved. I have tons of resources for making positive strides and taking great care of myself. I started feeling better almost right away with a few long walks, attention to diet, increased mindfulness and meditation, plus continuing my metaphysical practices.

In my case, the mild depression came on most likely as a result of major life changes, really short days with little sunshine, and perhaps a few other factors. One by one, they don’t equal a lot, but combined, they can pack a punch.

Ironically, the life changes are all GREAT and WANTED life changes – but they still bring on their own stressors. The depression is mild enough for me to take immediate steps to deal with it with tools already at my disposal.  If you do find yourself experiencing depression, DO take care WITH a mental health professional. They are awesome at helping you navigate the trickiness of depression. 

But it raises a question: Is it OK to be metaphysical AND have depression? Shouldn’t metaphysical practices stave off all unhappy times?

There is a LOT of chatter in the metaphysical community that everything should be happy all of the time if we are doing it right. Lots of people think that a high vibration means ALL HAPPY and bunnies and unicorns all of the time. If we’re on the metaphysical train, we shouldn’t have any problems, right?

But here’s what I want to share with you! ** It’s OK for metaphysical Christians to get down once in a while** We have been put here on Planet Earth for a reason, and one of those reasons is that the Earth is a pretty challenging place to be! It can get to us. 

 As Christians, we know that Jesus didn’t promise *easy* times for forever. Instead, Jesus shows us how to DEAL with the messy times in particular ways. We transmute energy and participate in our own mindfulness without finger-pointing or playing the blame game. A powerful lesson that Jesus reaffirmed for us is that we take responsibility for our own spirits and we do the work to make the world a better place.

Getting metaphysical with your journey means that you get tools to help out when life DOES get messy.

 And trust me, life will always get messy.

 As a metaphysical person, the real question is not if life will get messy. The better question is how you will respond to the messiness. This is what will raise or lower your vibration. I’m going to say that one more time …. it’s your RESPONSE to life’s messiness that will determine your vibration. You can get CURIOUS or you can get defensive, you know?

Being depressed does not equal low vibration. Not dealing with or taking action steps about the depression or its cause, though, can lead to a lower vibration. Notice that I didn’t say that getting rid of the depression is the key to a higher vibration. It’s the process of acknowledging it or managing it that will lead to the vibrational shift that you need.

It’s a small mindset change, but it makes a huge, huge difference. 

Even in challenging times, we can find space for flow, ease, and grace. THAT’S what metaphysics does for you. I’m living proof.

 Can you be depressed and still be a metaphysical, high vibe person? Yes, you bet.

Blessings to you on this journey.

Rev. Dr. Katy

PS – If you do want to get started on your metaphysical journey, you may be interested in this FREE intuition guide. Whether you’re feeling up or down, it will help you get a head start on getting in alignment with your metaphysical journey.

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