Is the Divine Feminine Part of the Christian Story?

If you’re in The Metaphysical Christian FB group, you’ve heard quite a bit about The Divine Feminine lately.

This statement is a little controversial but also non-partisan. Stick with me. The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that the Roe v. Wade no longer held. This meant that individual states decide about abortion access. This decision prompted many conversations about women and women’s bodies. Along all points of the political spectrum, the conversations about women were disturbing. The discussion of gender was stunted, underdeveloped, and painful to hear.

Despite the painfulness of this moment, it spurred me to deep listening and then to action. I knew that the time to create space for others to meet the Divine Feminine had arrived. 

Unfortunately, many Christians don’t know that the Divine Feminine is for them. Many Jesus followers believe they need to adhere to an all-male God all of the time. Nothing is wrong with depicting God as male, but it is incomplete by itself.

Others believe that the feminine stuff is only for Catholics (like Mary or other saints). Many Catholics find comfort in Mary but an overly male leadership frustrates them.

What happens when we ignore the Divine Feminine?

Short answer: we get stuck in unproductive patterns. Masculinity can become toxic and overbearing when it demands rather than requests. We see this manifested in random violence, sexual aggression, and ego trips.

Our feminine nature becomes underserved and unknown. Maleness is privileged over femaleness in leadership and decision-making.

On a personal level, this uptick in toxic masculinity probably affects you. It could be that you feel unseen and be unheard. You might get physically sick from the pent up stressors. You’ll get stuck in rigid ways and be inflexible.

Again, this can happen to all genders – it is not restricted to men.

What is the Divine Feminine exactly? It might be helpful for me to tell you what the Divine Feminine is not.

The Divine Feminine is not:

  • A rejection of men
  • Simply putting women in charge (more on that below)
  • Slapping a “she” on God but doing nothing else different

The Divine Feminine is:

  • Healing and wholeness
  • Celebrating the femme end of the gender spectrum
  • Claiming God’s fierce softness
  • Resting and nurturing your body and soul

When we embrace the Divine Feminine, life gets … more awesome. Much more awesome. We experience healing. We let go of all the “shoulds” in life. We embrace our intuition and define our own reality. We partner WITH God in our lives – without dread of judgment or hellfire. The list of why we’re not good enough melts away. We begin to feel free and love ourselves in new ways.

The good news – the Divine Feminine is arising and is available to everyone. Including you.

We are seeing a huge shake up of toxic masculinity now. When toxic masculinity is threatened, it responds in one way: by clamping down. This is why (in my opinion!), the über-masculine behavior has been erupting lately. Unfortunately, there will be more – the last gasps tend to hang on for a while.

FORTUNATELY, every time someone heals and embraces the Divine Feminine, things change.

I’m SUPER thrilled to be part of this change. I hope you’re along for this journey as well.

For those who are ready to dance the dance of the Divine Feminine, I have a mini-course beginning soon. It will be a 3-session live experience (with replays available) taking place on Sept. 11, 18, and 25. Right now, it is available on a sliding scale beginning at $27; after this Friday, it will go up to $107 just FYI. If you want to know more, click here.

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