Let’s get specific about the Divine Feminine

When we embrace the Divine Feminine, we let go of the need to control. We embrace more self-love. Who doesn’t need more of that?

You may be asking “How EXACTLY does this relate to Christianity?”  That’s what this email is all about.

The truth is that the Divine Feminine has always been part of the Christian experience. She just got super hidden for several millennia. Tons of rigidness covered up the soft yet fierce healing of the Divine Feminine.

Despite this, the Divine Feminine continued to surface. I’m giving you some warm, delicious facts about the presence of the Divine Feminine in Christianity.

Let’s start with the early years:

  • Early Christians called the Holy Spirit “she” (pretty cool, right??!!)
  • Jesus created space for women to empower themselves (the woman at the well, for instance)
  • The divine revelation of the resurrection was to Mary Magdalene… the FIRST Christian preacher
  • The resurrection itself, from the womb of the earth, is part of the Divine Feminine.

Let’s fast forward to the Middle Ages.

  • Here is a gorgeous quote from the mystic Julian of Norwich: “Just as God is our Father, so God is also our Mother. And He showed me this truth in all things, but especially in those sweet words when he says: ‘It is I’”
  • Teresa of Avila also expressed the Divine Feminine in her certainty of the one-ness we can have with God: “But spiritual marriage is like rain falling from heaven into a river or stream, becoming one and the same liquid, so that the river and rain water cannot be divided…This marriage may also be likened to a room into which a bright light enters through two windows—though divided when it enters, the light becomes one and the same.”

In the twentieth century, we saw the increasing awareness of the Divine Feminine in massive movements towards justice. People like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke prophetically. Their insistence that all should be free is in alignment with the Divine Feminine. They worked concretely to reverse the patriarchy that held people in its awful grip. We can look to someone like Ghandi (who was Hindu) who expressed the Divine Feminine in his peaceful protest for Indian justice.

Now, in the 21st century, the time is here. Leaders are emerging. Old systems are disintegrating. It is my hope that Jesus followers will lead the way in embracing the Divine Feminine as an important part of their journey.

For those who are ready to discover more about the Divine Feminine for Jesus followers, I have a mini-course beginning soon. It will be a 3-session live experience (with replays available) taking place on Sept. 11, 18, and 25. Right now, it is available on a sliding scale beginning at $27 (after this Friday, it will go up to $107. If you want to know more, click here .

PS – the quote above from Julian of Norwich is directly from the Vatican website. Pretty cool, right?

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