Love your Neighbor as Yourself (it’s more than you think)

Rev. Dr. Katy here, speaking a bit more about the Divine Feminine – a favorite topic of mine right now!

One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL parts of the Divine Feminine for Jesus followers is SELF-LOVE. This may be something you struggle with. A lot of people do. Unfortunately, a lot of what some Christians preach is self-hatred. The message that people are undeserving and have to work really, really hard for God’s love. This is heartbreaking. It’s damaging. And, it’s untrue.

This is the moment when we need the Divine Feminine to swoop in. More on that in just a moment.

When Jesus is about the greatest commandment, he quotes Deuteronomy: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul and all your mind.” He then follows up with a quote from Leviticus: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I love these two invitations from Jesus. We are to love God. The primary way we love God is by loving our neighbor. But here is the catch – we love our neighbor as we love ourselves. The hinge is this: we can only love others as well as we love ourselves. It’s a beast, isn’t it?

The question on the table is simple: do you love yourself?

I’ll even step it up a notch: do you FIERCELY love yourself?

Maybe you’ve experienced any of the harmful messages about being unworthy and unlovable. If so, it is possible that you struggle with loving yourself. It may feel selfish. It could be on your back burner. Maybe it’s never occurred to you.

Part of the damage of the toxic masculine message is that we are inherently unlovable. We always have to prove ourselves. In contrast, the Divine Feminine is always available to help us see our own value. Our own self-worth. Our inherent goodness

The Divine Feminine assists us in our journey of self-love. Isn’t that amazing? When you love yourself authentically as you are, something special happens. You start to be able to love your neighbor better BECAUSE you love yourself.

What would happen if the world did this? Literally, wars would stop. We would not yell at each other over politics. Sexual violence would cease. The world would BE the place that God intends it to be.

It all starts with us. Right here and right now. The Divine Feminine helps us pave the way. I love that Jesus tapped into and showed us this divine message.

Another pretty cool thing happens when we get to know the Divine Feminine. We also get to meet the Divine Masculine, as opposed to the toxic masculine. That’s for another day, but keep it close to your heart.

Those of you who are longing for more self-love, I hope you’ll join me for the journey into the Divine Feminine! The mini-course that I am leading begins on Sept. 11.  We will meet for three weeks to experience this radical self-love as Jesus followers. Of course, replays will be available if you need to miss a session.

I can’t wait. Right now, Awaken to the Divine Feminine is available on a sliding scale beginning at $27. I’m REALLY excited that 5% of the proceeds will go to a women’s empowerment charity that we collectively choose. After Friday, though, the tuition will raise to $107 for everyone.

To find out more, click here.

PS – I know I’ve talked about toxic masculinity a lot, but there’s also a Divine Masculine. Most of us just never meet it. There’s also a Divine Non-Binary, and every other gender expression too.  God is SO abundant in this way! To find out more about the Divine Feminine, just click here.

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