Prophecy or Clair? How Christians can Develop Their Intuitive Gifts

We had a GREAT question come in through Instagram. What is the difference between clairs, clairvoyance, and prophecy?

This can bring up a LOT of uncertainty for us as metaphysical Jesus followers. How do discern among all of these terms and gifts?

This brings up ANOTHER question, too. Is the future certain, or uncertain?

The bottom line is that we have to develop our intuition in order to be able to get to know our clairs, including clairvoyance. This will 100% enhance your own metaphysical understanding and enable you to develop your gifts.

For those of you ready to develop your intuition, you may want to consider my beginner’s course “Intuition Development for Christians” — where we explore the clairs. You will get clarity about how to tell what YOUR clair is and develop it for the next level.

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