Mini Courses

If you love short, impactful experiences, then this is the EXACT place you need to be. I’ve partnered with some pretty amazing people to offer you some short course options to get you some answers to your questions about topics from mediumship to yoga.


Metaphysics, Mediumship, and the Christian Journey

Have you found yourself intrigued by the idea of mediumship but it has been pounded into your consciousness that it is evil? or from Satan? Maybe you have even had experiences with loved ones from the other side … but you had no idea what to make of what happened to you? View this pre-recorded, 90 minute session for $11.11. You will be led by Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine and evidential psychic medium Andra St. Amand on a journey through mediumship, Scripture, and the Christian journey.

Pricing: $11.11

Gentle Yoga with Chakra Alignment

Join Lisa Weber, yogi and Katy’s yoga teacher, for this restorative yoga practice, perfect for both beginners and experienced practitioners. This is a super restorative practice that will quiet your mind and awaken your chakra system. It is especially for metaphysical Christians. This is a very gentle practice, suitable for all body types and fitness levels. In fact, each pose here is done lying down (no headstands or 10 minute holding awkward poses).

Pricing: $9.97

Intuition and Scripture

Wait a hot minute — can Scripture and Intuition actually co-exist? Yes, I believe so! Scripture is really important to us as Jesus followers. But what if Scripture says something different than you’ve been lead to believe for all of these years? To help you answer that question, I’ve created something really special that will help you unlock one of the thorniest questions for many Christians who want desperately to incorporate metaphysics into their faith journey: What does the Bible REALLY say about Scripture?

Pricing: $19

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