Testimonial with Tree – Spirituality and Sexuality

Tree came to Rev. Dr. Katy for assistance with FULL integration of her sexuality and spirituality, and WOW, did she make huge leaps in this process. Like so many, Tree had been programmed with convoluted ideas about sexuality especially when it came to her Christian faith, and she knew it was time to get this sorted out so that she could live at her highest and most full self. Working with Katy proved to be the right call; Tree is in touch with her power, her body, and her sexuality at a high level so that she can serve others at the highest level she has to offer.

Do you also feel mixed up about sexuality and your faith journey? Perhaps you’ve been programmed with the ideas the sexuality is “bad” and that the body is sinful….but you long to feel the full sacredness of your body and sexuality? If so, I’d love to speak more. Just email Rev. Dr. Katy at [email protected]

What is the next step for you to create an integrated life of metaphysical Christianity? Begin by downloading this FREE guide that I have created for you to begin the journey of discovering what *your* metaphysical gifts are: http://bit.ly/2ulSll7

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