The Divine Feminine Experience Starts Soon

You’ve been receiving a TON about the DIVINE FEMININE this week. I truly hope it’s been helpful.

I have a little invitation for you. Have you ever tried calling God “She”? If not, why not give it a try now and see how it feels?

(This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to call God “He.” It’s an quick invitation to try something new).

How did it feel? Whether you’re used to pronoun expansiveness or not, it’s a holy experiment to try it out.

Whether it felt right at home to call God “She,”or a little awkward, I’m impressed that you gave it a go. Part of the problem with envisioning God as only male is that it tells only half (or less than half, really) of the story. After all, God created everyone in God’s own image – male and female, plus all gender expressions.

That’s why I’m SO excited to bring you the mini course Awaken to the Divine Feminine. This is a course to boost your connection with the Divine Feminine. This is important: you’ll do this as a Jesus follower. Tapping into the Divine Feminine is not about male bashing. It’s about connecting to the neglected feminine dimensions of the Holy.

This mini-course is open to all genders. Men, come on board. Glad to have you! Women, come you’re gonna rock this experience, and I’m thrilled to have you! Non-binary friends, you’re of course very welcome. Trans friends, join us gladly.

In other words, this course welcomes all. This course affirms all. We all need the Divine Feminine – Jesus followers, especially.

This course is for you if you:

 ✨Are curious to know more about the Divine Feminine but don’t know what to ask

   ✨Yearn to experience more feminine energy in your spiritual journey

   ✨KNOW that the Divine Feminine is real but don’t know how to access it

   ✨Have had a taste of the Divine Feminine and are ready for more

   ✨Desire empowerment in your journey

   ✨Want to empower others

If any of the above apply, then this could be a holy heck “yes” for you.

Here’s the deal. We will meet 3 times: Sept. 11, 18, and 25 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific / 1:30 p.m. Eastern / 6:30 p.m. London for 90 minutes. You can have your camera on or off, and I promise I won’t force you to participate 😉

Replays WILL be available if you can’t make the live sessions.

In each session, I’ll give you:

✴ 101 Information about the topic

✴ Sacred stories told from hidden histories

✴ Invitation to a guided visualization

✴ Q&A plus optional sharing

We’ll explore 3 different aspects of the Divine Feminine in Christianity:

1) Mother Mary

2) Christ Sophia (shorthand for Wisdom)

3) Mary Magdalene

Who couldn’t use more of this beautiful energy? I am REALLY looking forward to experiencing the wisdom of these Beings with YOU!

I’ve been working with the Divine Feminine for several years now. I will tell you – it was not all that easy at first. I had a ton of barriers, and it was really hard for me to receive from this dimension of God. But receive, finally, I did – and life is pretty great now that I have. It’s my joy to make this journey a bit easier for YOU. If you choose the feminine adventure, you may find yourself increasing your own self-love as a result.

You’re probably wondering about tuition. I’ve kept it REALLY low to make it accessible. You can choose either $27, $57, or $97, whatever fits your budget. No questions asked. However, after Friday Sept. 2 at 11:55 p.m. Pacific time, the tuition goes up to $107. So go ahead and get signed up now to get the awesome tuition reduction.

To get registered and on your way to more Divine Feminine bliss, click here.

I’d love to welcome you in the Divine Feminine community to explore, experience, and integrate!

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