The Spiritual World is Closer Than You Think

The spiritual world may be closer than you think. It’s not ‘out there’ or in a galaxy far, far away. In fact, it’s right next to you; all you have to do is get still and discover how to listen to it.

Listen to this story that happened to me just the other day.

My spouse and I just bought a place (yea!) and got the keys. The plan is to be there part time. The rest of the time it will be rented. We’re excited. The woman we purchased it from was sick towards the end. In fact, she died around the time the contracts were signed. We really wanted her to get the money and enjoy it before her death.

We got the keys and went to the apartment. We were just taking a look around, and only had one hour to spare before getting on the road. A quick looksy, make some key copies, and we’d get to the next destination.

We’d be inside a grand total of about 6 minutes. I thought, “we should do a house blessing in here and ask for the spirit of the previous owner to bless the new occupants (us) and any guests.” I walked into the living room to say this to my lovely spouse, but before I could open my mouth, someone knocked on the door.

Keep in mind we’ve owned the place for about an hour at this point in time. No one knows we’re there.

I went and opened the door. An older woman stood there looking at me uncertainly. I asked her if I could help her. She replied, “I’m the sister of the former owner, and was wondering if I could come in and get a picture.”

No sooner had I thought to ask for the blessing of the former owner, and her sister was right there. In the quick one hour we were at the place.

The spiritual world is all around you. Best of all, it’s working for your good. And, when we allow, it helps us work for the good of others.

Of course, we welcomed her in to get whatever she wanted. I live in Ireland, and it’s very common to sell a home with all the contents, like pictures on the wall. She got teary a few times, of course, thinking about her newly departed sister. I was delighted to get to know the former owner through the stories of her sister.

Now I KNOW the personality that will appear to bless the place, us, and guests (they can be in for a bit of a sassy ride, it appear).

The spirit world is SO CLOSE to our own all of the time. We just have to alert our senses to its presence.

Are you interested in discover how to become attuned to the spiritual world? If so, reach out to me at [email protected] so that we can start to talk about it.

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