Vulnerability as an Access to Be More like Jesus

Vulnerability is …. vulnerable!  When you read the word “vulnerability,” what comes to mind?

Is it weakness?  Or being exposed? Maybe a feeling of nakedness like that dream of showing up to school without your clothes?  You’re not alone. I facilitate space for Christians who want to discover their metaphysical gifts and shift from places of apprehension (or vulnerability) to a life of joy. When this shift is made, Christians can live heart-centered lives at peace with their metaphysical gifts, ready to use them in service.

You know what’s funny about the process of connecting to your metaphysical gifts, especially for Christians?  It requires vulnerability.

Brené Brown has written about vulnerability a ton lately.  Thank you, Brené! Her work is invaluable. She explains how vulnerability is necessary for human connection. When we are vulnerable and people respond with kindness and compassion, we enter into new spaces of growth.

This is especially true in our spiritual lives. Kindness and compassion offer opportunities for growth. Metaphysical Christians, though, have had experiences where they show their vulnerability and BAM! they get crushed with accusations of aligning with the devil (or worse). Then they shut down and don’t trust anyone to hold tender space for their gifts to develop. Vulnerability is a double edged sword that way – becoming vulnerable in an unsafe space is disastrous.

But demonstrating vulnerability with the right people who do show kindness and compassion can create the space where our spiritual lives can ascend.  The model for this is Jesus himself.  In his earthly ministry, Jesus made himself vulnerable. He preached a message that was counter cultural, and he opened himself up to opposition and contrast.

Jesus’ vulnerability is a beautiful model for Christians today … because his vulnerability was surrounded with spiritual practice like praying in the desert before beginning his ministry. He called disciples who supported him (even though they didn’t always ‘get’ what he was doing). Jesus made himself vulnerable through this vulnerability he found connection with others — then he could heal them and give them words that transformed their lives.

Vulnerability is required for Christians to grow in their own spiritual lives. In fact, it is the access point to a greater connection to God and to opening ourselves up to our own metaphysical gifts.

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Plus as a bonus, this video will give you a little more insight into vulnerability and how it is vital for metaphysical Christians.

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