Wait, can metaphysics REALLY help?

Pandemic, drama, world events, plus your own personal drama, questions, and your soul shaking desire to integrate fully in your spiritual life. Can metaphysics REALLY help? 

Yes. Once you begin living the metaphysical, Christian life, you discover a unity and a deep seated peace in your own life. As one of the awesome clients I get to work with said the other day, “the dividends just keep on paying themselves forward.” Becoming metaphysical means that each and every aspect of your life is INFUSED with your energy and intention, and you spread that energy outward. You CREATE your life. Obstacles are there, but they’re not overwhelming. 

If this feels like the thing you want to create in your life, I’d love to have you in the training on Wednesday. The training is at 5:30 p.m. Pacific / 8:30 p.m. Eastern, and those who register will have access to the replay.  

Registration available at https://katyvalentine.kartra.com/page/OMl108

Just in case you are not yet a member of the awesome Facebook community, The Metaphysical Christian, you can apply for membership today!

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