What is it to be a Metaphysical Christian?

I get asked this question quite a bit, so let me take some time to explain what I mean when I say “metaphysics” and “Christian” in the same breath.

This is for you ESPECIALLY if you have thought that you have to choose one or the other, but that you could have or be BOTH metaphysical and a Christian.

Metaphysics is the pursuit, experience, study of all the things that are just beneath the surface….synchronicities that help us understand that our physical experiences have spiritual roots.

Metaphysical Christians are most likely people who love the message of Jesus, even if the people who are the loudest don’t always proclaim it the way that resonates with you. They are interested in shifting their spiritual lives in dynamic ways while also deepening your relationship with Christ. Most of all, you’re eager to know and experience the intersections of the metaphysical world – seen and unseen – with your Christian faith.

Around here, we don’t have any set dogmas or doctrines. Instead, we encourage you to ask discover new questions to ask and to constantly check assumptions — and live our divine purpose with the integration of metaphysics.

To get started, be sure to download my free book “How to Discover your Metaphysical Gifts as a Christian in 3 Easy Steps” at https://katyvalentine.kartra.com/page/cpx171

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