When you’re feeling spiritually STUCK

What do you do when you feel super overwhelmed with options by metaphysical people who don’t honor Jesus in the same way that you do (and a bunch of Christians don’t really get your chakras)?

You may find yourself getting …. angry. Maybe that slow simmering anger just beneath the surface or a hot boiling one that you’re feeling so stuck. Either way, the anger is calling you to pay attention.

Some of you may be interested in discovering more about the pilot program — it’s the LAST round of people I’m accepting in the program in its current form, so if you’re interested even a little bit, now is the time to sign up for the training: https://katyvalentine.kartra.com/page/Alw69

Just in case you are not yet a member of the awesome Facebook community, The Metaphysical Christian, you can apply for membership today!

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