Why Practice Gratitude? Hint: It Raises Your Vibration

The US holiday of Thanksgiving is just a few days away. I’ll admit that I’ve got some problems with the Thanksgiving narrative that is often told in the United States (pilgrims and such). Still, I am a BIG FAN of gratitude and of giving thanks (and pumpkin pie).

Interestingly, this is my first ever year that I have not been in the United States for Thanksgiving. I moved to Ireland over the summer, and my spouse and I have opted to spend Thanksgiving in a little seaside town being cozy but without a lot of fanfare.

Instead of lots of food and meal prep, I’ll be practicing GRATITUDE. Practicing gratitude is an easy way to raise your vibration.

As Christians, the concept of gratitude can come pretty easily. We know to be thankful to God, right? But … then what? The truth is that gratitude is OFTEN abused in Christian circles. Sinfulness and begging for mercy are emphasized rather than joyful, sincere gratitude. Which is more pleasing to God, do you think? Probably the sincere and authentic gratitude.

When you actually FEEL gratitude, it changes our vibration. The signature energy that surrounds and flows through us gets RAISED whenever you express gratitude. In other words, gratitude is really, really metaphysical.

HINT: Expressing and feeling gratitude doesn’t mean that you’re not experiencing hardships. It simply means that you are feeling gratitude despite all the curveballs of life.

Gratitude practice is something I teach in my courses, and several of my clients have reported that it has radically changed them. Their vibration raises and all of a sudden, whoosh – things start falling into place. Gratitude really IS that powerful.

Do you have a gratitude practice? This may be a good time to give it a try and see how you feel after a few days. All you have to do is name what you’re grateful for in your life and pause to really feel it (just naming it without any feelings behind it probably won’t do the trick).

Comment below what YOU are grateful for right now.

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