Why You Should Discover More about the Fairy World

Should Christians use the “f” word …. that is FAIRY?

There are SO MANY misconceptions about fairies. Yet, this is a super real world that you just might need to learn about for your own curiosity, and even your own well-being.

Unfortunately, MANY Christians have dismissed Fairies as not real. Worse, they will call anything from Fairy a demon. Neither, though, could be further from the truth.

You may be encountering fairies already in your home (that’s what happened to me!). Every time we discover more about the hidden realms all around us, we heal the world a little bit.

If you’re interested in joining our class that begins on April 16, you can find out more about that right here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EQ39WG36QD209JVCBHwvj7xrLeDBRAHLwwaPLgsxFac/edit?usp=sharing

Can’t wait to see you for this three week experience!

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