Gabriel Gonna Blow His Horn! Meet Archangel Gabriel 

You all know GABRIEL, the angel from the Christmas story!😇🎄 But have you had the opportunity to discover all about the history of this angel, including in Islam? Gabriel’s energy is SUPER sweet, and I think you’ll love connecting. ✨Here is your chance!✨ This episode of Magical Mystical Journeys explores a super well-known angel. We […]

What is the Divine Feminine (and why should I care?)

The Divine Feminine is for EVERYONE, including you. While she’s been hidden in Christianity for a while, it’s time to let her shine! Why not get in on the ground level now? When you don’t connect to the Divine Feminine, it can leave you out of touch with your body and quite literally in your […]

A Coach Who Embraced Spiritual Coaching

Julie was already a spiritual and life coach when she reached out to me. She was ready to transform her old belief that metaphysics and Christianity didn’t mix. Coming from a pretty conservative Christian background, she knew that there was some energy and gifts to embrace but wasn’t sure how. The Awakening and Transformation program […]

Sheila’s Journey from Spiritual Doubt to Utter Freedom

Meet Sheila! When Sheila joined the Awakening and Transformation program, she was in a constant cloud of guilt about whether chakras and crystals COULD be part of her Christian experience. She joined the program and got the security, knowledge, and spiritual jump start she needed. Find out how she thrives in her everyday life now […]

Why it is important to find YOUR Soul Calling

This is an incredibly important – maybe THE most important – question we can ask! As someone who is passionate about metaphysics, I already know that you are seeking this answer. You may have a few different soul callings, but how do you find out what is the one that will follow you throughout your […]

Ready to get UNSTUCK so that you can Thrive in Your Spiritual Life?

Just in case you are not yet a member of the awesome Facebook community, The Metaphysical Christian, you can apply for membership today! Are you feeling stuck in your spiritual journey? It’s time to move forward — get yourself UNSTUCK so that you can experience the freedom that you deserve. Here’s how: 1) Don’t keep […]

Mercury Retrograde is About to Strike! Get Your Preparations in Order

Yes, Mercury Retrograde is happening soon! This time it begins on April 21, 2023. I find two common reactions to Mercury Retrograde. Some think it’s silly or unimportant, and others overemphasize its with doom and gloom. In this video, find out: Mercury Retrograde invites you into a deeper, more mystical place! Take advantage of it. […]

Mediumship is Just a Click Away! Answering Your Questions

Discover all about psychic mediumship with my guest and friend Andrea St. Amand! In this video, you’ll discover how to debunk the most common fears around mediumship. Get clarity about WHAT mediumship is and WHY you might want to explore it. Plus, I talk about how to get rid of those fears about SCRIPTURE and […]

Why You Should Discover More about the Fairy World

Should Christians use the “f” word …. that is FAIRY? There are SO MANY misconceptions about fairies. Yet, this is a super real world that you just might need to learn about for your own curiosity, and even your own well-being. Unfortunately, MANY Christians have dismissed Fairies as not real. Worse, they will call anything […]

The Time to Begin Your Metaphysical Journey is NOW

When do you put your metaphysical practices into place? Before you need them. Right now I’m in a transition period. Moving to take care of family, getting Covid, having a new place, and alllll the details that go with caring for someone with a critical illness. Yep, that’s a lot of potential chaos! But, do […]

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