Shamanism Demystification #3

Have you ever had any metaphysical experiences? πŸ’« We all have probably experienced this in our own journeys and it’s been a part of my journey as well! Listen up! πŸ”₯It’s time to debunk the last myth I have for you about Shamanism… Demystification #3 is πŸ‘‡πŸ½ Is Shamanism actually, you know, real? One […]

Shamanism Demystification #2

Do Shamanism and Christianity mix? Let’s get real, listen up… Y’all KNOW how much I love me some Jesus …. as a Teacher, Guide, Friend, Coach, and Divine Being (heck, you don’t get ordained without being serious about your Jesus time) But is shamanism OPPOSED to living a Jesus life? πŸ”₯It’s time to debunk […]

Shamanism Demystification #1

A total buzzword…Shamanism! πŸ‘€ Wondering what exactly ‘shamanism’ is or where that word even came from? Listen up! I’m not a shamanic practitioner, fulfilling a lifelong dream I didn’t even know I had until a few years ago. But you DON’T have to become a wild woman of the woods in order to incorporate shamanic […]

Unveiling “Soul Codes”: Your Path to a Utopian World

Imagine a world where every individual understands their purpose, a world where the extraordinary emerges from the ordinary, and where humanity collectively works towards ushering in heaven on earth. Picture Christians reaching out beyond the confines of the boxes. This vision is at the heart of the new book, Soul Codes, and today, I am […]

What is Shamanism, and can Christians get into it?

What is shamanism exactly? And, most importantly, can Christians get into shamanism ethically and safely? That’s what I’m talking about here! I became an OFFICIAL shamanic practitioner in November (yahoo!). I’ve gotten so many great questions about shamanism, so I decided to host a live event to tell you about it. You’ll even get to […]

Let Grandmother Moon Bless You Today

If you have been feeling a bit depleted lately, join me in this short session to BASK in the glow of the Full Moon (even if it’s daylight hours). I go over what makes the full moon so beautiful, and give you a little opportunity to connect to Grandmother Moon right now. Don’t miss this […]

Wait, am I God? Find out about this Metaphysical Claim

Have you ever heard someone say “I am God”? This is a popular phrase in the metaphysical community. People will say it a lot without really thinking about it. But what does it mean, and what does it mean ESPECIALLY for those of us who follow Christ? Find out more here.

Ready to experience radical empowerment as a woman today?

Join me for an empowering conversation with the one and only Meg Heppner! You’ll discover what empowerment REALLY looks like and why spiritual women need it now more than ever. She has provided a FREE gift for you to help you bust through limiting beliefs, so be sure to scroll down to receive your free […]

So, You Want to Write a Book ….?

Have you always wanted to write a book?  Calling all Spiritual Go-Getters! Maybe the Divine has placed a book idea on your heart and the time has come for you to release it in order to serve others on their journey. But it’s hard to go from desire and idea to the process of getting it D-O-N-E. If you find […]

So, You’ve Always Wanted to Write a Book ….

So have you always wanted to write a book? Lots of you have told me YES! For spiritual people, this is so awesome — we need MORE of your words out there ready to shine!! But a lot of people have the desire but never quite complete that book. Why not? The wonderful Meg Calvin […]

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