Wait, am I God? Find out about this Metaphysical Claim

Have you ever heard someone say “I am God”?

This is a popular phrase in the metaphysical community. People will say it a lot without really thinking about it.

But what does it mean, and what does it mean ESPECIALLY for those of us who follow Christ?

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One response to “Wait, am I God? Find out about this Metaphysical Claim”

  1. Steven Kindle Avatar

    Nicely done, Katy. You created room for the entire spectrum of belief. I certainly agree that God dwells within me and all humanity. I tend to focus more on this question: what is it to be fully human? As a Jesus follower, I see through him that true humanity is the striving to live as close to God as Jesus did. Mark calls it “the way.” It begins with the “God within us” recognition and prompts (lures?) us to draw closer to the divine. The closer we get the more human we get. Perhaps this is one way of seeing Athanasius’ quote, “For He was made man that we might be made God.”

    One comment on the danger of “I am God.” Many proponents of this believe that they are living in a universe created by another and they are capable of creating their own. This has led to much mischief and even heartbreak. God bless them for trying, though. I’m not up to it!

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